Why it's important to focus on what you love

Why it's important to focus on what you love

Life can be tough. We all have a lot deal with. The stress of our jobs, raising our families, keeping our relationships happy, dealing with health issues, loss of loved ones in our lives. We have to deal with heartbreak, judgment, the criticism of ourselves and others, the turmoil going on in the world. 

All of that can take its toll. It can dampen your spirit. It can bring you down and put you into a dark hole of the abyss if you’re not careful.

Focusing on what you love can lift you back up. 

We love the things we do for a reason. They give us energy. They bring us joy. They make our spirit come alive. 

We can lose appreciation for the things we love because so often life causes us to focus more on the things we don’t love.

Therefore, it’s important to have a tool that you can use to shift your focus. That’s what Ten Things I Love is for. It’s a tool to help you acknowledge and appreciate the things you love, about yourself, about others and about life. 

Doing so will ignite the light inside of you again. It will bring you greater joy and fulfillment, which will empower you to be less affected by the stressful things in life. 

It's all about learning to be an Appreciator. That's what the Ten Things I Love Journaling Technique helps you do. It helps you shift your focus away from the things you don't love to the things you do love.

You can learn the Ten Things I Love Journaling technique in our book. It includes 10 Ten Things I Love challenges, which are journal exercises with subjects for you to find things you love about.

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