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Mini Ten Things I Love About You cards

These 3.5x2 cards are great for stocking stuffers. Write one thing you love about the person you are giving them to on the back of each card. It's a fun and unique gift of love.

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Christmas Tote Bags

The magic of Ten Things I Love Christmas Tote Bags lies in their customizability. Fill each bag with ten things your recipient holds dear – be it cherished memories, favorite snacks, meaningful trinkets, or tokens of affection. As you carefully select each item, you're crafting a narrative of appreciation that speaks to the unique bond you share. With every item they unveil, they'll experience the love and thoughtfulness you've poured into this meaningful gesture. Ten Things I Love Christmas Tote Bags transform the act of receiving into an unforgettable moment of connection and gratitude.

Ten Things I Love About You Printable Cards

Whether it's for a partner, a family member, or a dear friend, our downloadable "Ten Things I Love About You" cards offer a flexible and heartfelt way to create daily surprises and nurture your relationships. Place one card in a conspicuous spot every day for 10 days. Whether it's on the kitchen table, in the car, or by their morning coffee, each card is a heartfelt surprise waiting to be discovered. Instant access, printable format, creating endless opportunities for love and appreciation.