Why Appreciation Fuels Transformation

Why Appreciation Fuels Transformation

The purpose of Ten Things I Love is to help people see things of value, about themselves, about others and about life. When you can see the value of something or someone (yourself included), your appreciation for them grows.

Why is that important? Because appreciation reveals worth.

Appreciation reveals why someone is worth having in your life. It reveals why something is worth pursuing. Why a cause is worth supporting. Why a friend is worth keeping. It reveals why a job is worth having. Why something is worth buying, why someone is worth helping. 

Appreciation helps you see the value of a mistake because it reveals a life lesson that was worth learning. It reveals why a moment is worth savoring. Why someone is worth forgiving. Why a relationship is worth nurturing.

Appreciation reveals why life is worth living, why someone is worth loving and why dreams are worth chasing… and so much more.

The way Ten Things I Love helps you see things of value is by inspiring you to focus on what you love. When you focus on what you love, you see things that are meaningful and significant to you. 

Conversely, when you focus on the negative aspects about yourself, your relationships, your work, your life, you lose appreciation for them. That leads to broken relationships, miserable experiences, and a lack of joy and fulfillment in life. 

Once you start seeing the value of someone or something, their worth has been revealed to you. That is an amazing gift because it brings you to a place of love.

When you are able to see why life is worth living, you start loving life. When you can see why a relationship is worth nurturing, you start loving the relationship. When you see why a moment is worth savoring, you start loving those moments. When you start to see that you are worth loving, you start treating yourself with love more.

Utilize our resources to help you look for things you love, about yourself, about others and about life, so you can see things worth appreciating. In doing so, you will quickly discover why appreciation fuels transformation.

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