Discover the Power of Focusing on What You Love

If you focus on things you love, about yourself, about others and about life, and then praise what you feel is worth appreciating, the most amazing energy will surface within you.

A pure, positive stream of energy that will uplift you, inspire you, empower you, strengthen you, heal you and fulfill you. Energy that makes you feel like you’ve been touched by something sacred.

It’s the energy of love, brought on by appreciation.

When this energy surfaces within you, it makes you feel connected and protected. As you continue allowing it to be present in you, it changes your perspective on life, because you learn that you have the power within you to create feelings of joy, regardless of your current circumstances.



This life-enhancing energy can easily be generated through Ten Things I Love Mindful Appreciation Technique. This unique method of journaling involves utilizing a 4-step process that inspires you to deliberately notice things you find meaningful, significant, and worth appreciating.

The Ten Things I Love Mindful Appreciation Technique is explained in this 100-page spiral bound notebook. In it, you will find:

  • A note from Linda Higgins, founder of ten things I love, about the power of focusing on what you love.
  • The 4-step Mindful Appreciation Technique explained
  • 10 - Ten Things I Love Challenges
  • Examples of things others have written
  • Blank Journal pages to continue writing about things you love.

Purchase it today and start experiencing the magic that happens when you focus on what you love.